High Pressure Vessels
"Whiteley Read performed the design and manufacture with technical expertise and efficiency, to the Client’s aggressive schedule, including supply and installation of process internals into the equipment to deliver a quality product on time and within budget"

High Pressure Vessels

Whiteley Read Engineering are one of the few manufacturers globally that can truly lay claim to a pedigree in supplying High Pressure Vessels, we have supplied hundreds of high integrity fabrications to many of the EPC’s and Oil Majors world-wide.

High Pressure Vessel being prepared for lifting onto barge for transportation

We are experts in the manufacture of thick walled pressure vessels, with many years’ experience designing and manufacturing pressure vessels with design pressures in excess of 460 Barg and up to 200 tonnes.  Via our experience we have gained a considerable library of pre-qualified PQR’s to call upon ranging upto 200mm thick in Carbon Manganese and P500 QT materials.  We are one of few manufacturers who have extensive experience designing and manufacturing in P500 QT grades which offers considerable wall thickness and cost reduction for high pressure applications.  We have successfully manufactured various P500 QT grade constructed vessels since 2003 for many blue chip companies, such as BP, Centrica, Shell, Nexen & GDF.

Many HP Vessels are often in sour operating environments and therefore require lining with CRA materials which we also have extensive experience.  Please refer to our cladding / weld overlay section for further details.

High Pressure Vessel being prepared on factory floor
High Pressure Vessel being pulled up hill
HP Vessel being prepared for lifting
HP Vessel being lowered onto barge